Project profile: training and support for software developer

My client here was an energy management bureau allied to a facilities maintenance company. They’re working for a retail chain with several hundred UK sites and they needed to develop not just useful energy reports for their customer’s regional managers, but also an effective method of detecting and prioritising exceptional adverse performance, so that avoidable energy waste can be spotted and remedied in a cost-effective manner.

Working on software code with the developer

We did the training in two parts, both via Zoom video link. On the Tuesday we went through the key generic principles using a pared-back version of my one-day training course on monitoring and targeting. Then on the Friday, after they’d had a chance to experiment with some data on an Excel-based toolkit, we got to grips with the software platform that they use. The screenshot shows me working with their managing director and software developer to build some of the key functionality that they will require.