Decarbonising heat: expert speakers on heat pumps

We will have two real experts on heat pumps addressing our afternoon conference “Decarbonising heat – practical realities” on 8 July, which will focus on the non-domestic market and the lessons that can be learned from real-life installations.

Ben Whittle is a technical manager from the Energy Saving Trust. He has been working in the world of renewables for 20 years, and has previously worked for companies designing and installing solar thermal, solar PV, biomass and heat pump systems to megawatt scale. 

John Cantor started out manufacturing and installing bespoke heat-pump systems during 1980s and 90s. He was system inspector for the first UK grants through BRE and was also on the MCS working group. He’s an honorary member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association and author of ‘Heat Pumps for the Home’.

As well as heat pumps we’ll examine the realities of biomass installations and consider the prospects for hydrogen. More details at