Flexible degree-day service

FlexDD_logo_2_smallThe FlexDD service from Degree Days Direct is a framework for delivering degree-day data. It allows you to create Excel energy workbooks with degree-day tables in them which update themselves automatically from the cloud.

Having subscribed to the observing stations you require, you’ll receive an Excel workbook linked to your account with some initial tables built in which you can customise as required.

flexdd_screenshotThis is a typical Excel table. In each column you specify the observing station (a), heating or cooling mode (b), and base temperature (c). Put datestamps at (d) and copy the output formulae into the table (e).

Available base temperatures for heating are at whole-number increments from 10°C to 25°C For cooling the range is 5°C to 30°C. For compatibility with legacy reports, additional base temperatures of 15.5°C and 18.5°C heating and 15.5°C cooling are also provided.

You can clone the worksheet to have both monthly and weekly reports if you wish, and your weekly reports can end on any day of the week.


There is an initial setup charge of £50, with per-station subscription charges of £12 per annum. Prices exclude VAT. Orders can be placed by emailing .