On-line training: basic science for energy managers


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I understand that a lot of people come to the job of managing energy with only a hazy recollection of basic science (or maybe no knowledge of it at all). I developed this on-line course to help people in that position. It contains what I would regard as the bare essentials at (roughly) GCSE level, and is what I would describe as “semi-rigorous”. That means that although  I am quite strict about nomenclature and terminology, I use of a lot of assumptions and approximations in order to keep things simple. For example I don’t keep saying “at sea level” wherever that would need to be said in a proper textbook.

The course should take a couple of hours but you can do it in bite-sized bits. It is arranged as a progressive series of units, each with a quick test at the end. Sometimes the test is just a single question, but you have to get it right before you can proceed. For numerical questions you get multiple choices but the answers are usually rounded up or down: if your own answer does not precisely agree, don’t worry; choose the answer closest to your own.

Finally I would like to thank Chris Springett and Andy Lucas for respectively checking the test questions and road-testing the course as a user.

Vilnis Vesma

29 May, 2015

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