Energy management principles and practice


“When I started my energy management journey in 2012 this was one of the first books I bought. Still refer to it. Highly recommended!” – Mark Jones, sustainability specialist

Vilnis Vesma’s introductory guide to energy management covers a wide range of technical, procedural and human-factors topics (see contents below) and even includes a basic science refresher section. First published in 2009, it is now in its third edition.

“…an excellent guide to energy conservation but should really have been sub titled ‘The Book of Common Sense’… it should be compulsory reading for anyone embarking on a career in the world of energy” – Bob Wilson, Estates Manager, NTW NHS Foundation Trust

Paperback, 220 pages A5 format with an index and colour illustrations: £23 plus £3.75 postage and packing to UK (£7.30 elsewhere).


Part I: Basic Science

01 The basic science of energy

Part II: Energy technology

02 Building fabric
03 Heating & ventilation
04 Air conditioning & refrigeration
05 Heating, ventilation & air conditioning controls
06 Combustion equipment
07 Lighting
08 Motor-driven equipment
09 Hot water services
10 Catering
11 Road transport
12 Compressed air
13 Steam
14 Process thermal insulation
15 Heat recovery
16 Voltage reduction

Part III: Management issues

17 Measuring energy & other factors
18 Understanding patterns of use
19 Detecting & prioritising exceptions
20 Raising awareness & motivation
21 Managing energy saving opportunities
22 Energy audits & surveys
23 Selecting & briefing consultants
24 Making the case for capital projects
25 Evaluating savings achieved
26 Management systems & related standards


“I have read this and it is a good read…..and I know nothing about energy!” – Geoff Curran, Energy Live News