Energy Conversations

Energy conversations” is a series of half-hour open video calls in which I interview experts from the world of energy management.

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Past conversations: recordings and  links

7 September 2021: my guest was Andy Doherty of DCO Systems, talking about energy-harvesting wireless sensors. Click here for recording.

15 July 2021: I interviewed James Ferguson, CEO of kWIQly, about his company’s application of artificial intelligence to the detection of energy waste. Click here for the recording.

12 January 2021: I interviewed transport expert Dr Chris Endacott of Gfleet Services about work he has been doing for the Welsh Government Energy Service on electric-vehicle infrastructure. Click here for the recording (passcode   =8sr08b8 )

15 September 2020: I talked to Joe O’Keefe on the theme of  ‘Making change happen’.  Joe used to work with me on energy but has since gone on to greater things, and is now IT Services Director for the insurance company LV. For many years he was involved in, or indeed in charge of, business transformation for LV and as such has a wealth of experience in behaviour change. The Covid pandemic imposed radical and urgent change on employees throughout his company and we reflect on the role of compulsion in corporate culture change. Click here to view the recording.

14 July 2020: my guest was Lawrence Leask of Excalibur talking about energy saving in chillers, based on a specific project.  Click here for the recording.

9 June 2020: I talked to John Mulholland about why he thinks more organisations should seek certification under ISO50001Click here for the recording (apologies for one or two freezes in the replay) the viewing password is ISO=50001. John’s website also has links to various supporting resources.

15 April 2020: I interviewed Dr Steven Fawkes of EnergyPro Ltd about an innovative scheme that he calls ‘ESCO in a box‘ which seeks to break down barriers that prevent small and medium enterprises from investing in viable energy-saving projects. Click here for the recording (apologies for the first minute or two being missed).