Energy management principles and practice

Vilnis Vesma’s classic introductory guide to energy management. It covers a wide range of technical, procedural and human-factors topics and includes a basic science refresher section. First published in 2009 and revised in 2011, it was expanded and republished as a third edition in 2017.

“…an excellent guide to energy conservation but should really have been sub titled ‘The Book of Common Sense’… it should be compulsory reading for anyone embarking on a career in the world of energy” – Bob Wilson, Estates Manager, NTW NHS Foundation Trust

“When I started my energy management journey in 2012 this was one of the first books I bought. Still refer to it. Highly recommended!” – Mark Jones, sustainability specialist

“I have read this and it is a good read…..and I know nothing about energy!” – Geoff Curran, Energy Live News

Paperback, 220 pages A5 format with an index and colour illustrations: £18 plus postage and packing .


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